Vegan Cooking Lessons

May 14, 2014  (This course is also at www.VeganCookingLessons.Org.) 
If it's difficult to make, you won't find it here! 

Vegan Cooking Lessons is a set of lessons and recipes to help you feed your family a plant-based diet. Because every plant-based meal or snack can save an animal, we've decided to post the material as it is available rather than wait until every aspect of the course is done. But there's plenty to learn in the meantime (just click on a link). We try to keep the lessons short but informative. If you have a church or place where you'd like me to give some cooking demos, write to me and we may be able to arrange a free vegan cooking lesson and meal. My email is and my telephone is 215-531-3167. (Send us a picture of your dish.) 

Syllabus for Vegan Cooking Lessons

1a. Have you decided to start a vegan diet? First, decide what plant protein you like the best and learn new recipes for your favorite plant protein. Then continue

     to learn more ways to cook plant proteins. (Example: If you love peanuts, find some recipes to cook everything with peanuts until you learn how to cook other vegan 
     dishes. This will get you over the hump initially. 

1b. Animal-less living in a fast-paced world: ITAAIICoMO (If there's an animal in it, count me out.)

2. Tips for successful transition to plant-based diet  - 2 minutes

3. Protein amounts and cook times of most legumes - 2 minutes 

4. What's your "base"? 2 minutes  

5. The story on gas - 2 minutes  

6. Get You Through The Day (GYTTDs) - Foods that you can grab on your way out the door that will GYTTD. 

7. Learn how to cook the various plant-based proteins

    a. How to cook beans and legumes 2 minutes <--- the most important lesson at this site

           No pressure-cooker legumes aka stove top

               Black gram dal - 2 minutes 
               Mung beans, plain cooked - 13 minutes, $0.50 for four, 50 grams protein  
               Red Lentils (aka Rose Lentils, Masoor Dal)13 minutes, $0.50 for four, 50 grams protein

            Pressure-cooker legumes   

                Black Beans
                Black-eyed Peas  
                Garbanzos with skin
                Garbanzos without skin
                Lima Bean Soup 
                Pigeon Peas
                Red kidney beans
                Split yellow pigeon peas


    b. Plant milks

                Almond milk
                Oat milk
                Soy milk and yogurt

    c. Grains

    d. Egg-replacers see Hen-Savers

    e. Nuts 

8. Veggie Management


9. Animal-less grocery list

10. Animal-saving recipes